September 2, 2010

F1 Rumor Roundup: Ground Effects, Turbos, start-stop from 2013, Kubica, Red Bull engines.

Arrows A2

Stuff that's floating out there:

Ground Effects, Turbos and Start Stop from 2013

Technical working groups headed by Rory Byrne,Patrick Head and Gilles Simon have, according to reports in Motorsport-Total leaked that while nothing is decided yet, they are leaning towards a 1.6 liter Turbo with 3.0 bars of pressure giving around 650HP and 30 second bursts of KERS worth an additional 150hp. The green fig leaf would come from regulated fuel flow and perhaps a requirement that the cars travel in the pit lane using only their KERS, with the engine off.

On the chassis side, the concept is to embrace the downforce made by diffusers, somewhat like on ground effect cars of the past, and rely less on front wings. This would mean sidepods would need to stretch forward with the added benefit of extra side impact protection.

Who is blocking the Mercedes Red Bull engine deal?

Bit of a mystery, Red Bull said it's Mclaren, Mclaren denies vetoing Merc engines for Red Bull. Helmut Marko claims Mercedes is the only FOTA member opposing Red Bull's request that the FIA allow the Renault engines be modified to match Merc and Ferrari power outputs....As F1 Turns.

Kubica at Ferrari rumor won't die.

Given Alonso was definitively not going to Ferrari a year early from Renault you cannot totally chuckle at this one.
It goes like this:

Ferrari was not super keen on signing Massa again but Massa's family is good friends with Santander Brazil's CEO, Fabio Barbosa. who then intervened with Santander marketing in favor Felipe. The Brazilian is naturally seen as a better promotional asset than a pole in the South American market where the Spanish bank is in the process of doubling its market share, with presence in Brazil, Mexico Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.
While Santander's checkbook obviously prevailed, the story continues, this did not sit well with Luca di Montezemolo who does not believe 100 Million Euro a year entitles the sponsor to run the team and is out to prove the famous mantra that Ferrari comes first, and drivers only matter so much.

So the compromise solution would work out something like this, Ferrari would continue to pay Massa as a test driver and loan him to Renault. Being under contract to Ferrari would still mean Massa would have to appear at Ferrari PR events. Renault would then agree to sell Kubica's contract to Ferrari, the French team could use the extra 7.5 Million Euros for development.
Massa, the theory goes, would not mind too much since at 14 Million Euros he's the best paid, non world champion on the grid.

Of course this does not take into account the Alonso factor so make of it what you will (
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  1. Looks like they got a wall street investment banker to chalk out the Massa-Kubica swap deal:)

  2. Wow! i was holding my breath after reading "Red Bull engines". I thought you were speaking about Red Bull manufacturing engines!

  3. I don't know, but reading the first part about engine, aerdynamics and KERS makes be absolutely shudder.

    I have nothing against innovation of some sorts, but Formula 1 is turning into a Prius Fest or something. The Turbo Era was intense and not relying on aero that much is great as well, but i still cannot see these cars being exciting or how they could be called "The Pinnacle of Motorsports".

    For me, F1 has turned stale a long time ago, this just gives it the final thrust through the heart. Again, all in my opinion :)


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