September 16, 2010


For once we can't argue with German humor: " When the car accelerates, the passenger should not be able to touch the dashboard. When it brakes he should be thrown forward and ideally after three times in a row he ought to be completely shaken up with his heart in his mouth"

The 2010 test run by Germany's Sport Auto, pitted stock vs tuners, 16 cars with more than 10000 HP combined. Full details on the news stand (if you can still find it) but a quick summary after the jump.

(Sport Auto)

(300km/h= 186.4 mph)

Stock cars:

27.8 s - Bugatti 16.4 Veyron
35.2 s - Porsche 911 GT2 RS
39.3 s - Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera
42.8s - Corvette ZR1
49.5 s - Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
57.6 s - Lexus LFA
68.6 s - Bentley Continental GTC speed
xx s - BMW M3 GTS (never made it to 300 kmh, 0-280-0 time 60.7s)

Tuned cars:

24.5 s - 9ff BT1000 AWD
37.3 s - Hohenester HS650 RR
41.6 s - MTM-Audi RS6 Clubsport
43.3 s - Importracing-Nissan GT-R
49.7 s - Väth-V60 RS
60.2 s - Wimmer-C63 AMG
60.6 s- Speedart Panamera
XXs - AC Schnitzer ACS6 (never made it to 300, 0-270-0 time 63.3s)

(the Bugatti was in handling mode)


  1. Hot damn the GT2 RS is quick. Can't wait to see that thing go around the 'Ring.

  2. @MCB How ******* fast? ƒ^ç%!# FAST!

  3. It also brakes the fastest of any of the cars, That's even more impressive

  4. A commercial for Dunlop with a few interesting stats thrown in? No real footage of the cars in action? Come on, Axis...

  5. It said 'Porsche tuner' so I'm thinking it's not a stock car is it?


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