August 5, 2010

Who needs wings?

Flashback: 1993 Porsche Carrera Cup final, Hockenheim.

Uwe Alzen in the blue car and Altfrid Hager are duking it out in their 964 Carrera Cup cars with blatant disregard for the edges of the track...

Don't miss Hager's hand gestures, priceless.




  1. I know this is an old race, but it's nice to see the older track layout. Amazing driving, but over-driving, also, at times. Good stuff.

  2. Why did they rip up this Tarmac? one of my favourite circuits and it's gone forever now :(

  3. They did it mainly for safety concerns I believe. If you crashed in the back it took a long while for an Ambulance or medic car to get back there. I never understood why they didn't just use the money from redesigning the track to just build another post in the back for a safety car heli pad and ambulance. One on each end of the circuit. That would have made it plenty safe (in response time terms).

  4. I imagine that considering most of the old track had no grandstands, it was not a good value for the spectators. I do miss that one downhill chicane though.

  5. Alzen was stark raving mad!
    That is how you man-handle air cooled 911s!


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