August 8, 2010

Red Bull's Adrian Newey in racing crash.

Formula 1 design genius Adrian Newey, a keen amateur racer and car collector, was involved in a nasty crash at the Snatterton track in the UK while racing a Ginetta G50 cup car. Nerfed from behind Newey, in the white #50 car, unfortunately rolled right onto the path of an oncoming car.

Reports are that he was taken to the hospital but no word yet on his condition, Hopefully nothing more than a checkup.

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  1. Yeah, and don't stop thinking, he kept the wheel cranked as he countersteered and rolled right back onto the track.

    Newey is a bit accident prone, I think he crashed his (real) gt40 a few year back.

  2. Dang, hope he makes a speedy recovery.


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