August 3, 2010

Ferrari 612 replacement will be inspired by a Z3 MCoupe...and a Jeep!

Ok a bit of a stretch, a Z3 MCoupe because signs point to it having a 2 volume "shooting break" body style. In reality, it's following the design trend started by the Aston Rapide and the Porsche Panamera, a big 4 seat hatchback. You've probably seen the pictures of the heavily disguised test mule by now, maybe seen that short video clip.

But perhaps more interesting than what the bodywork may or may not eventually look like are further confirmations that the top of the line v12, codenamed F151, will have a 4wd system, possibly switchable and a Porsche RSR-hybrid like system with electric motors driving the front wheels in a KERS type arrangement. A different approach than Porsche who instead is making their 918 Spyder be more like a hyper Prius with the way it uses electric motors rather than using its hybrid fig leaf for pure performance enhancement. 4wd. as we mentioned before on Axis, is a must to compete in a segment that has seen such a success for the Bentley Continental. The F151 should make its debut in 2011.



  1. Looks more like something from Mad Max (sorry, The Road Warrior for Americans).

  2. Very interesting styling with all the bolted on panels. Reminds me of Group B rally cars. I doubt they'll sell many in matt black. I'd have to see it in Rosso red before I form an opinion.

  3. I'd still drive it.


  4. I would hope we wouldn't see a Ferrari GT/4-door coupe - at least something not too similar.

    Sounds great, hopefully if they do 4WD it's done well - that's a big step for Ferrari.


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