July 25, 2010

Porsche Supercup Germany

While you wait for the dreaded Fox broadcast of the F1 GrandPrix, have a look at the Supercup race. Always nice to see how a relatively normal car goes around the same track before you watch F1 around those same corners.

Porsche must do a brisk business in body panels...

Porsche Supercup Gallery

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  1. A very cool race. I thought the commentators were funny, with good wit.

  2. Good to see some real racing! Team orders can suck it.

  3. Ferrari is f***d now, 100K fine TO BEGIN WITH, God i hate team orders! HATE THEM.

    I stop watching F1 during the Schumacher era b/c of that, now they have done it again, I HATE THAT BS!

  4. Thanks for this.

    It's a great racing series, without a doubt, but it only serves to make me sad that Porsche aren't in Formula 1.

    Mind you, they'd probably be even more humourless than a certain Italian manufacturer!


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