July 29, 2010

I will drive...Flatout!

"I belong to all the major internet car chat forums, I will post negative review of your organization.."

Laugh but, they are really out there...and some of us have to get in the passenger seat occasionally!

For a comprehensive list of driver's excuses don't forget to check out the originals on JUSTGOFASTER.COM!

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  1. LOL. Though this would be a lot more funny if a lot of it didn't ring painfully true.

  2. I love seeing this guy when i go to track days. And am so happy when i pass him in my POS...and stop laughing when i get passed by an even bigger POS. Got to love track days.

  3. Yep, I have seen things almost exactly like this. One story... a guy in a R8, slow in the corners, allowing "lesser" cars to catch him and being held up by him. Yes, he was faster on the straights, but always caught up in the corners. He said, "I need to be in a faster run group, I'm being held up." People started laughing...

  4. I actually heard a member of PCA saying they don't allow non Porsche cars at their track days because they don't want someone in a "POS cheap car trying to out brake me at the Bus Stop"! He wasn't joking either

  5. Absolutely hilarious. This reminds me of a guy at Road Atlanta years ago with what appeared to be a 965/956/917/962 modded 911 track car. I was a pain in his mirror with a stock E30 M3 on street tires.

  6. I know this guy at the local pub.. he says to be a Porsche test driver (in Milan?) and that he has lapped the ring on a GT2 faster than Badoer on an Fxx.......
    We invited him for a kart race.. "oh no.. I don't really express myself ona go kart.. they're too light..".. muahahahah XD


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