July 6, 2010

Heavy Tin: Superstars Series

We all love tin top racing but generally it's modified econoboxes slugging it out, what about automotive fatties, who loves big sedans? Italy's Superstars Series does.

Where else can you see a BMW M5 slugging it out with a Chrysler 300C Srt8 and a Porsche Panamera S?
The fight between behemoths, Maserati Quattroporte, Cadillac CTS-V but also Mercedes C63AMG, Audi RS4 and BMW M3's is kept even with restrictors and reward weights and all cars must run spec brakes, rear wing and tires.

The formula is relatively "low cost" based on production models and with a big focus on marketing opportunities. Event week ends combine the big fellas with a Superstars GT Sprint which is for FIA GT2, GT3, GT4 and GT Cup cars and even Ferrari Challenge races.
With fan and marketing friendly special events, paddock access and even hot laps in special cars, Superstars has all the ingredients for a pretty fun week end.

Check out this clip from a recent race at Hockenheim and learn more about the Superstars Series HERE. Technical regulations are found HERE.


  1. Big girls need lovin' too...why not big sedan hot rods!

  2. Love it! Awesome series. Funny how M3s and M5s are now in the same scale (Pound/size wise)


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