July 31, 2010

Hamilton vs Dennis

Lewis Hamilton: "...the car was the best I’ve ever driven around here – it felt really great through the corners, but, even so, we’re losing quite a bit of time in the middle sector, and a couple of tenths in the first and third sectors, too. And then, as you start to push harder, in order to close the gap to the guys in front, the car begins to feel like it’s a little bit on the ragged edge.”

Ron Dennis: "...I find it slightly infuriating when my guys get out of the cars and say, 'I wish I was on the front row' and build in the media the perception that we're giving them cars that are less capable of winning races"

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  1. Just two sides of McLaren driving themselves to be the best...

  2. Ron Dennis has to keep his sponsors happy by saying such stuff, I guess, but McLaren is not as fast as Red Bull at the moment. Hamilton is only stating the facts, Ron.

  3. Hey Ron... you ARE giving them cars that are less capable of winning races. That's why they're over a full second off of Red Bull in qualifying. You going to get Heikki and Fernando back to prove it's the drivers and not the cars? I didn't think so.


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