July 9, 2010

Does this new diffuser make me look fat?

Anyone who thinks Formula 1 cars look all the same has either not gotten close enough or not looked carefully enough.

The new look for the British GP fashion is sleek. Gone are all the top mounted exhausts and most cooling vents. Mclaren continued with their preferred asymmetrical engine cover with shark gill type openings on the left side. In the second session however they ran a cover with cooling on the other side as well.

If you watched the practice broadcast you may have heard a Mercedes engineer telling Michael Schumacher to be careful where he overlapped throttle and brakes. Interesting because this was a "trick" he supposedly had come up with to keep exhaust pressure up in the era when gasses were blown under the diffusers and the effect of going off throttle more pronounced.

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  1. I still cant see the exhausts but... hilarious choice of music. I think I watched it for that reason alone! haha

  2. Is that how he keeps the exhaust pressure at eleven?

  3. Talk about mud flaps....
    Great slo-mo close-ups! Thanks, it's fascinating to see the different ideas the teams come up with.

  4. ROFL @ the Spinal Tap soundtrack! :)


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