July 7, 2010

An Away Game

A number or interesting things about this clip from Ferrari: The footage from Alonso's "promotional filming" day at Fiorano appears again making critics fume but at the same time providing further justification for Maranello.

I suppose that, during a World Cup, describing racing at Silverstone as an away game was inevitable. Ferrari and Alonso have been under a lot of criticism for lack of results this year. Some critics in the Italian media especially, have been quite harsh about what seems to be an endless stream of excuses and missed opportunities so Ferrari is playing that old lowered expectations game ahead of the British GP. Or is it more excuses? In some ways, Ferrari can't win. Reminds me a bit of something Brazil's trainer Dunga said about that team " We have to win every time. But not only do we have to win, we have to win and put on a show. If we win and put on a show, we have to score a lot of goals. If we win a spectacular game with lots of goals critics will say that's because the other team was second rate"

Ferrari says it will have a new major upgrade in Germany and they'll need it, Mclaren is going to debut RedBull style low exhaust. Renault is probably fielding the 126th version of their front wing (ok, it's only been 22 different ones this season) and Mercedes might try to give its drivers a car that does not bark.

Latest buzz word is about RedBull's clever engine maps, effectively an anti lag feature for a non turbo motor, with the purpose of keeping pressure in the exhausts and therefore the rear diffuser when off throttle. Clever stuff on which might explain the delta between RedBull's qualifying performance and their in race reliability.

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  1. Even though I'm not a fan of Ferrari mainly because of the bad taste from the Schumacher team order days, I like Stefano Domenicali. He seems like a good guy that can keep his wits about him. That said you can bet there is a lot of pressure after seeing his blowup. Sort of funny to see Ferrari dogging it this year especially after last year's "Watch out for our 2010 car as we have quit '09 development" attitude. Kimi got the best deal, the better part of $30million to go race in a series without all the drama and something he prefers.


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