June 5, 2010

Valentino Rossi severely injured in Mugello crash.

Valentino Rossi's season is compromised after a bad fall in practice at Mugello today. Valentino was already riding with an injury to his shoulder but had managed to set the fastest time yesterday, ahead of championship leader and FIAT-Yamaha team mate Jorge Lorenzo. Towards the end of today's second practice, a nasty highside resulted in a compound, displaced fracture of his right tibia and fibula. Airlifted to Florence, he will be operated tonight, the prognosis is three months minimum.

Gazzetta Dello Sport reports Rossi was on his fist lap on hard tires and had slowed to let another rider pass, as he got on back on it, he lost the rear and was thrown. A rare mistake from Valentino who is under pressure from Lorenzo and a nasty end to a week end which had started with police arresting a deranged Ducati fan for making death threats towards Rossi. I guess even his new mohawk could not protect him. Get well soon Doctor, WLF!
UPDATE: Out of the operating room after a two hour procedure Dr. Costa called the operation "a complete success" and free of complications. He was not willing to give a timeframe for recovery however. "I have seen a lot of injuries and I probably could give you a prognosis but for the first time in my career, I would rather not. All I care about is that he will be treated correctly" Interesting comment.

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  1. claudio costa ( the Moto GP physician) made a statement a day or so earlier, lauding rossi for his bravery and the results he produced in light of his injury. I was hoping he would get well soon and show everyone what the doctor is like at 100% fitness.
    This is heartbreaking, Lorenzo enjoy your championship trophy.
    A Die Hard Rossi Fan

  2. Yeah, this is the first very serious injury of his career.

  3. Indeed and the first time he is missing out on a MotoGP race due to injury.

  4. see ya in formula1...

  5. When i was watching the Qualifying today and heard about the crash, i was dumb-struck. I honestly couldn't believe it.

    I dearly hope he gets better and can make some major waves next year. (Especially if the Ducati hype is true.)

    Please, for the love of god, don't go to F1. Go back Rallying or GT racing, please :D

  6. Get well Vale. See you on a Ducati next year!

    I also look forward to Stoner defeating Lorenzo for you ;-)

  7. I don't know about F1, his tests in the end turned out to be slower than Ferrari let on and he's 31. If Ferrari gets a third car you know Monte is dying to put him in it and he would be a great personality to have in F1 but as far as him being competitive.... big challenge there

  8. As much as Lorenzo wants to win the championship, I know he wants to do it in a straight fight with Rossi. When he was stretchered away, the commentators were in stunned silence and barely spoke of anything still going on on the track. The shadow Rossi casts over MotoGP is pretty incredible. I hope he and Lorenzo can back to a straight fight next year.


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