June 11, 2010

Team just getting nickeled and dimed or is it the slow squeeze?

Formula 1 size nickles and dimes, of course.

Two interesting off track F1 tidbits. Autosprint reports teams are now being billed for the previously free (and I assume compulsory) use of the Meteo France weather forecasting service and for the GPS display of car position on track. Maybe they should just get iPhone apps now.

Adam Cooper's blog has a bit relating to advertising in the team's pits. Formula 1 management gave signage rights to a subsidiary company called Allsport Management which now claims to own every single square inch of the track including inside team's pits. What makes it interesting is the suggestion that this is related to the choice of Pirelli for 2011 and on. You will remember we discussed how Pirelli's bid was said to hinge of advertising deals. . Ecclestone's suggestion he has nothing to do with it is high comedy. home

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