June 4, 2010

Formula 1 Kumbaya


Love broke out all over Formula 1 yesterday! It broke out in the Red Bull camp where the PR made the two drivers pose for a totally sincere looking picture and proclaimed the Turkish affair over.
Meanwhile, Mclaren made sure everyone knew Jenson loves Lewis and Lewis really really loves Mclaren. Touching, no? Never mind Hamilton was obviously unhappy about something after the race he won in Turkey...it could not have had anything to do with paranoid thoughts about the team not keeping Button behind him, could it? Naaah.

And the RedBull boys, all behind them? " A line drawn" as dutifully reported by all outlets privy to the official press release?
Fuji 2007...now what were the names of the two drivers involved in messing up that RedBull double podium? Oh yeah, move along, nothing to see here, it's all fixed, love is in the air!



  1. Funny you Said fuji 07. I Said the same during the race :-p. Giras webber think tjat vettel still is à noob that he clearly ment 07..

  2. I still think Lewis was pissed at the end of the race because he couldn't "race" his car because he was running out of fuel at the end, not to mention he wouldn't have been able to take the fight to the Red Bulls either at the end if he wanted to because of his fuel situation.

    I think hes just a pure racer at heart, and is getting tired of not being able to race people due to saving fuel (Turkey), brake problems (Monaco) and in Australia when changed tires but wasnt able to get by anyone.

  3. Ok, so off topic...but does anyone know where I can find the sweatshirt vettle is wearing? google is failing me.

  4. Yeah, thats a pretty sweet looking hoodie.


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