June 2, 2010

BMW Art Car.

Try Harder...

I thought it reminded me of something...

Anyway, you can read all about Jeff Coon's M3 art car, ready for Le Mans, over at Bimmerfile. Videos and lots of pictures.

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  1. Pure energy. Freep approved. Dirk tells me he can't wait to race it, and he loves the silver interior.


  2. Yeah really super cool paint job bro.....Uhhhh..yeah so.....AC?....it's about time to post a fucking executive summary for sundays F1 race? You might've heard about it, it's made a few headlines.
    It's Wednesday bro, kindly get your shit together and edit together some unlicensed F1 footage and type up some insights post-haste.

  3. You were warned about this week end. If the choice is between ripping on a race track and assembling found footage, no matter how exciting,... The executive summary will lose every time, guaranteed! :)

  4. I wonder if the stripes are reflective?


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