June 30, 2010

A better video of Alonso lapping Fiorano.

God I love You Tube! Here is a nat sound version of Alonso lapping Fiorano last week.

There has been some stink raised about Ferrari illegally testing because of this clip. In fact there is absolutely nothing illegal going on here as the rules allow for 100 Km of running for so called "promotional use". This can mean filming commercials, infomercials, training videos, pleasing sponsors, whatever a team need for "promotion". If you have Stefano Domenicali's cell, you could call him and ask what they did, but whatever they DID do was in no way illegal. They just ran their current car as every other team is free to do, for 100 km.

Not that Ferrari reads Axis but if you do, shoot me an email, I can suggest a couple of helmet cams with a quality actually worthy of an F1 team....
And how about Nando's neck? That's steadier than the Freep's roll bar mount! :)

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  1. I love it... it can't be long before we'll be able to watch the whole of an F1 race from different drivers perspective in real time...

  2. Right after Bernie dies.

  3. Thats definitely gonna take a long time looking at the rate F1 has been taking to cozy up to non f1 technology. Strangely its kind of self contradictory isnt it? When on one side it claims to be the pinnacle of motorsport, where technology is at its best and all that jazz.. and yet... But its good to see at least teams showing interest in sharing the sport a little more with the fans as was seen in the FOTA forum also recently. One can only hope that day comes sooner than later.


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