June 13, 2010

2010 Le Mans 24 live stream: Good Morning Le Sarthe!


With just over six hours to go let's see who's left standing. Big trouble for Peugeot who now lost half of its cars. Audi's are currently 1-2 with a Pug running third 2 laps down and 5th 4 laps down.

In GT2 our underdog pick, the Hankook Ferrari F430 of Keen-Farnbacher-Simonsen is running SECOND! Huge Corvette fail, they were leading with a 1-2 then a crash and just now, a dead car. Colossal fail at BMW who miscalculated the fuel load in the #79 M3 Art Car which sputtered to a stop on the opposite side of the track from pit lane. The second M3 is running 10 laps behind the leader.

Bad Night also for the American Ferraris of Risi Competizioni who lost both cars. The Flying Lizards did not survive, Jaguar was out early.

So as I write, it's the Felbmayr Proton Porsche is leading the class with the AF Ferrari of Fisichella-Alesi having just crashed with a stuck throttle and the Hankook 430 inheriting P2!

More clips after the jump.


  1. Davidson was way out of line with that one. Regardless of priority the P1 cars get, you can't just dive into a place like the Porsche curves and expect the other driver to not crash.

    It was reckless and unprofessional. My hat goes off to the Corvette Racing crew for fixing that car up so quickly and keeping their composure. I would've socked Davidson in the face for that.

  2. There was a lot of talk about that in the broadcast but if Davidson did not touch the vette then it's not a foul as he was on the racing line. Davidson had been told to push hard by the team so he was doing his job. Once the Vette moved off line it became Collard's responsibility to keep the car on the road.
    Punching people out IS kind of the GM way right? like Laguna Seca last year... they have a bit of a reputation for being thugs in pit lane and on track. Oh well....

  3. Davidson's push was impressively epic, while he didn't touch the Vette, it was a very aggressive and a somewhat unnecessary move at that moment. I technically agree with your view AC, and being a Flying Lizards fan, I feel no love loss with what happened. But still deep down it's hard for me to straight up say it's all Collard's responsibility to keep it together, Davidson could have handled that better.

  4. cheers for the clips, was in le mans but missed most of the crashes!

  5. Nice to know, AC, that if there is no contact then the "passer" had nothing to do with it.

    "The crash happened behind me, how could I cause it?"

    Guess you will just ignore Davidson's comments? "My race is more important then the Corvette's race"?? I see that karma came thru in the end, all broken 908s..



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