May 3, 2010

A Tour of the Ferrari F10 Steering Wheel.

Note that it takes almost 9 minutes just to go through all the functions of this "simplified for 2010" steering wheel. Imagine dealing with it that at 200 mph...



  1. There is a secret on the back of the steering wheel.

  2. Where's the ubiquitous "Signal FIA to let us get away with whatever dubious maneuver we just pulled out of our ass" button?

  3. To the previous comment:
    The 'Ferrari' exception button is located on the pit wall, and there's another in Luca's office in Italy. McLaren also have such a button, and when they are used a light in Bernie's office starts flashing either red or sliver.


  4. "Pump inserts the oil in the engine, in particular situations. For example, when the engine needs oil"

    You dont say? I would have never guessed.

  5. A truly unbelievable works from Ferrari.


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