May 9, 2010

Tale of Two Passes

Pretty rare to see two almost identical situations play out. You can read this a number of ways: Button was too nice, Hamilton was too hard, Schumacher shows his teeth, Vettel let himself be pushed off the track, Hamilton pushed him off the track. Or you can just chalk it up to just the way things happen during races. For sure Schumacher showed he still "has it". For sure Hamilton cements his reputation as a "hard" racer. Not surprisingly both passed drivers complained some after the race, borderline sad, Button's comment that Schumacher should not have passed him there.

Dull dull race, except perhaps for the final laps, it was like watching an endurance race. Alonso gained the most from the week end, he's now only three points down from Button and a full eighteen points up on his biggest threat in Monaco next week, Hamilton. Lewis finds himself tied with Massa who was leading the championship not long ago and who, like the Mclaren driver, needs to figure something out quickly.

Anyway, for comic relief, there is always Rob Smedley's "Felipe, baby...." moment...

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  1. I like Jens but he is by far the softest WC ever. The complaints by Jens really has no merit. Well, to me anyway.

    Vettel could have been more forceful like Schumi.

    Rob must be pulling his hair out trying to coax Felipe on. "Okay, half a second faster with a broken wing.. I think we've found the solution."

    The Bobby K rumors to Ferrari is starting to ring true to me. What do you think?

  2. Not that I'm a Hamilton fan but that sucks he had a Nigel Mansell moment two laps before the finish.

  3. CridComment at gmail says—

    Quicktimes? QUICKTIMES?!??! What is this? What happened??!


  4. Hamilton is an ass. He forced Vettel off the track. Button was too soft not trying to fight back. Schumacher was perfect on his end just giving enough room to Button on the inside. Button might be a fast driver but he is not a fast racer. Huge difference. As much as I dislike Hamilton, he is the best racer in F1. Never content to sit behind someone, he will always look for a way to get past whereas Button will look to preserve his equipment b/c he tried once or twice to get past and failed.

  5. Vettel went too deep and never got the apex at any point. Hamilton - aggressive yes, but ass - no. Virgin car - driven like an amateur.

    Vettel gets the hero award for driving so well sans stopping power!

  6. I used to like Button, but this time, he has demonstrated he is the baby. Was he expecting Schumi to go wide and let him pass? This is racing! Did he forget? He should stop crying and behave like the champion he is.

    If you are exiting the pit you are slower, that's a fact.

    Once again, unlucky Lewis has demonstrated he is one of the best drivers out there.


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