May 21, 2010

The Patrese Effect.

It all started with that clip of ex F1 driver Riccardo Patrese out for a lap in a Honda Civic, smirking as his terrified wife hurled all manner of insults his way, an internet legend was born.

A couple of million YouTube views later, Porsche tries to recreate the spirit of the video with a teaser clip used for the launch of the 997 GT3 MarkII. Now, one of our readers made his own "tribute to the tribute" clip with his GT3 and a girl whose hair makes for a great analog G-meter! Check it out, she's a pretty good sport about it and...she doesn't hurl!

(Video by Farzaan Kassam)

Still, our vote for funniest "scared passanger" video of all time will have to go to Jordi Gene's grandmother!...


  1. Another one, not quite as funny as Jordi Gene's grandmother, but still very funny nonetheless...

  2. Pretty sure this one is my favourite "ride alongs"...

  3. There are these few:

  4. I was there when this was filmed. The guy drove on the wrong side of the straight while filming, and spent more time on his MacBook uploading video and fiddling with his lame AIM data logger than he did driving. Poseur.

  5. Hey Anonymous, it's the "Poseur" here. Not sure what you're talking about in regards to the straight. That is the correct line (left side of the straight). The only time I drive down the right is when on an out/in lap so that I don't impede traffic. How about coming clean on who you are so we can make a judgement on your driving credentials?


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