May 27, 2010

Hispania wants the Toyota TF110

Toyota's would have been 2010 car looks faster standing still than some of the cars currently struggling on the back of the grid.

Now it's a hot used car. Never mind Toyota team boss Jon Howett crashed one a bit of hooning fail, that will buff right out!

From Italiaracing:

Everyone wants the Toyota TF110, the two cars the team based in Cologne had planned, but never got on track. There are two copies of the TF110, one has already been damaged, apparently in the courtyard of the German headquarters, the former team principal John Howett had thought to say goodbye to the pit wall with a scoured. Failed badly. The second one is there on display. The remaining sixty people in Cologne, now working as a service. The aerodynamics of Mygale F3, for example, was deepened from them. With the TF110 wanted to participate in the current global Stefan the GP, but Zoran Stefanovic seems to have fallen into disfavor with the Toyota because, as claims Autosprint did not pay the full amount to buy. For this reason the cars are available to the best offerente.

So that's came along Ivone Pinton, of Durango, suggesting interest in viewing and TF110 in these cars can come into F1 if the Russian group which is dealing with will prove practical. But there is an existing F1 team that seems to have the chance to be more specific and use the TF110 and spare parts. Italiaracing knew that the Hispania Jose Ramon Carabante. The Spanish team has just officially break with the Dallara, who designed and built the car which is currently used by them in F1. How should we do for 2011? Here is that Toyota is the best solution and less demanding because the cars ready and certainly needs some development as a world created to address the 2010.

Massimo Costa


  1. I had wondered aloud, when the race car engineering news of this car broke, HRT or for that matter Virgin, Lotus or even USf1 not buy the chassis from the stillborn Toyota F1 program.
    Would not only have saved them the trouble, it would also have made them that much more competitive.
    In the current scenario, with the cars slated for a radical overhaul in 2011, do not know how useful would this be to anyone..

  2. Hispania should buy it now and run it the rest of the season...

  3. The question is, do they have the money?

  4. Probably not, but that's just a matter of accounting.. Right? ;)
    in other new I see there is talk about Nick Todt's ART buying out Sauber for a 2011 entry... ( not to mention vw buying proton)
    as f1 turns

  5. But i am not pleased this time. Though Toyota is one of the great car manufacturing company and introduces some fastest cars in a regular interval. But my point is when we are not allowed to drive our cars more than 80 miles on the roads then it's worthless to buy a high speed car. Well this is just my personal opinion.

  6. Thanks for a nice post.Really its looking beautiful.I like it. :)


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