May 28, 2010

Giant Racing Week End!

Almost everyone I know with a car is doing some sort of race or track day this Memorial Day week end! Sure there is the Indy 500, the Grand Prix of Turkey, Rally Portugal.... guess DVRs were invented for this week end!

Team Axis will be spreading out: CG will be at Watkins Glen for the big Porsche Club races, no doubt sowing terror amongst the ranks and chasing class records (we expect at least a 2:05 CG!)

The biggest contingent will be at New Jersey Mortorsport Park with NASA. The Freep, Pete and Justin will be there flying the flag in Spec E30 while Stee will be bringing a revised aero package for his GTS3 Boxster.
I will be bringing a car with an actual working engine for the first time since last August and running in the Time Trials. Adil, I'm sure will be running an autocross somewhere with his GT3.

So, you'll forgive us if these pages might be a bit thin this week end, but you can't just write about motorsport, right?

Hoping all you tracktards have fun over the next couple of days,
keep is shiny!


  1. All the best folks. How I wish I could trade places with you.

  2. Also dont forget that Grand-Am and the Continental GT and ST series will be at Lime Rock this weekend.

    Two 2.5hr races on Sat for both the GT (38 cars) and ST (32 cars), along with the Grand-Am race on Monday with a 2.75hr race with 34 GT/DP's.

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  4. "Hoping all you tracktards have fun over the next couple of days,
    keep is shiny!"

    I wish I read that this morning not this evening. Might not have stuck it in the wall at Eastern Creek. Silly silly driver error. Getting heat in the rear slicks on the warm up lap on a semi damp track. Second gear spinning them, right wheel on dry track left went ovre damp, spat me onto the soggy grass and nose then tail into wall.

    Oh well. Gotta take the good with the bad.



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