May 1, 2010

2010 Grand Prix de Monaco Historique

You have to love it when guys rip the hell out of 70 plus year old cars that might have more in common with a tractor than what you may think of as race car. Sure half the field is basically out for a Sunday drive but there are a handful of drivers who leave very little on the table. You tend to question your vision when you witness the speed of a 1935 ERA up close, driver sitting what seems like 5 feet up in the air, half out of the car, It's amazing to watch.

No six wheeled Tyrrel P34 this year but an ex Jackie Stewart 006 will take the grid Sunday and Jackie was at the track today as was Bernie Ecclestone hanging out with Flavio Briatore.

In recent editions, the race to watch has been the "Pre 1975 Formula 1". Traditionally it's a fight between Duncan Dayton's 1970 Brabham BT33 and Joaquin Folch's '74 Maclaren M23. This year Dayton and Folch will have to contend with Frank Sytner's odd looking '74 Hesketh 308, starting on pole. Last time he flipped it, this time he's on pole, true tracktard! Also watch for Manfredo Rossi di Montelera's gorgeous BT42/44.

But make sure you don't miss the earlier "Pre 1966 Rear Engined GP Car" race. Maybe you remember those gorgeous Monaco Historics clips we featured in the past. They were by Alex King and Matt Barlow, both are avid Axis readers and I ran into them in the paddock on Friday, very cool to meet them in person. They are here working, with a big crew and lots of tasty HD equipment and onboard cameras, on a full length TV program on the GP hosted by Amanda Stretton. Can't wait to see the finished product, hopefully on HD Theater or similar high quality channel. They have an extra reason to celebrate tonight: Alex's father, James King, got pole today in his 1.5 liter 1963 Brabham BT7. Congratulations!

I made a quick clip. I suggest turning up the volume and having a listen to it, if anything to put you in the mood. Then have a look at the picture gallery from qualifying. Enjoy it, I had a blast shooting today, including having to get up at 5 am to get access!

May I suggest full screen for both the video and the gallery...

On Sunday, you can follow the Monaco Historic GP races timing Streamed live by following THIS LINK.
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  1. What's the name of the song playing in the beginning of the video?

  2. Great pics and vid AC!! Awesome.
    Any links to the Historic GP results? (curious about laptimes for those cars)

  3. Yeah, Duncan Dayton was the man again. He won both races he entered..again! That's 10 wins at Monaco for him. In his 1970 Brabham he was lapping at 1:34 (Button best last year was a 1:14).

    In the Newer F1 races (pre ground effects) the '77 Mclaren lapped in 1:32. So Dayton is really aces. He is super aggressive and does not let up and his car must be immaculately prepared and sorted.

    The older 1.5L f1 lapped in the 1:50's and the 1930s cars around 2 min. which is still goddamn fast, especially when you are sitting ON TOP of the car!

  4. Kid Cudi - She came Along.

  5. Exceptional job. Thank you for sharing.

  6. CG

    The results are found on

    The best lap times are in par with the results these cars made originally


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