April 13, 2010

Trackday World Championship: American XX Edition

(photo:Michael Jozwiak)

Eight of the latest Ferrari track only but not for racing toys, the 599XX, were on track on a cold and windy Miller Motorsport Park in Utah this past week end.
Along with the ├╝ber coupes were few of their big brothers, the FXX and Ferrari Challenge cars, who were actually racing. Ferrari used the event to show the new Ferrari 458 Italia publicly for the first time in the USA.

Here are some clips from spectators at the event, turn up to 11 and enjoy the music. More after the jump.

1 comment:

  1. If you turn it up to 11 you will no longer have a functioning pair of headphones.

    Sexy rides but nasty audio.

    I saw a nice piece about the 599XX's active aero in some mag the other day, Motor Trend I think. Sick stuff, but sans a 9-figure bank account I think the Radicals are the best bang for the buck.


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