April 26, 2010

Team Axis Blitzes a Lime Rock Track Record

(photo by "PistolPete")

Our own CG laid waste to the previous Porsche Club of America I-Prepared lap record on during last Friday's qualifying with a blistering 58:42. The car is a Cayman S set up for H-Prepared car but, on occasion, CG will slap on a bigger wing, change ECU and move up one class to harass some of the big boys!.

CG's was not the only record breaker this past week end , Axis Pete scored a Spec e30 track record at New Jersey Motorsport Park. We'll get full details of his and Justin's race, tomorrow, for now, enjoy lapping HIstoric Lime Rock in well under a minute!



  1. very clean around the old limey! What data overlay software is CG using BTW? It's quite clean also.

  2. He asked the question I was going to ask. :)

    How do you like the Smartycam?

  3. The SmartyCam is great. No more painlful video syncing and rendeering. The software improves greatly almost on a weekly and shortly will have nicer features like Track Map, fastest lap, etc., but you can pretty much plot ANY of your data inputs.
    I think the quality is good enough for not being HD.

  4. Congratulations CG !!

    You're a LimeRock master, the way you took the downhill is thrilling.

  5. I think the Smartycam is a nobrainer if you have an AIM system already installed.

    While it's cool to have data superimposed in real time, I'm a little disappointed at the video camera section, It's much better than a current ChaseCam but it's far inferior to what you can get from even relative inexpensive cams like the ContourHD and the GoProHD.

  6. Thanks Rad! Now we need to see you get into Club Racing once in FL.
    unfortunately the Daytona October race is cancelled due to the repaving but Sebring in Jan is a good place to start.

    Yeah, HD is good but having the telemetry auto overlay is the best time saver that makes the package priceless. SmartyCam with ECU bridge is all you need for a street track car (no need for the dash). However, when would we get a solution that doesnt require conversion for editing? and that makes trimming down the video to some only highlights easy? Video editing is so unnecessary time consuming!! (Its like 1hr for every 10mins of racing!)

  7. Crazy isn't it? the number of different and usually incompatible codecs and formats for these cameras is just insane. My computer is set up to play back pretty much anything and STILL I always end up having to convert clips for one reason or another... but it's getting closer to what we want, or at least what I want. Something like the Smartycam butwith the video quality of a Contour HD or a GoProHD would be fantastic.

  8. I've used Raclogics Video Vbox quite a lot and find it very good in regards of picture quality. Surprisingly quick contrast adjustment, which helps when racing in direct sunlight. I've had one hires bumper camera and a lowres camera for interior picture-in-picture view. Also lap data processing in Circuit Tools software is just amazing.


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