April 2, 2010

NY Auto Show

Not exactly an exciting show but, the SLS certainly looks...imposing in real life, great presence except from the back. However, Merc have gone loony with their stunner wheel catalog.

New BMW 5 looks good, you might mistake it for a 3 series...or a 7. Definitively not styling controversy there. S1000 RR looks wicked.

Mazda2 best looking small car, but the Cinquecento had by far the hottest models.

Porsche has no GT cars on their stand, just the new Cayenne which looks like the old cayenne except it's a bit bigger and a lot lighter they say. Turbo does not look as aggressive as the last generation but the interior, essentially the Panamera's, is much nicer. The giant short bus steering wheel is gone. The Turbo claims 0-60 in 4.4 sec. good for doing elephant sprints with X6M's.

I went lo-fi on the pictures, you can find sharp ones plenty of places! Gallery after the jump

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