April 16, 2010

More on Buemi's crash.

Some isolated shots and more super slow motion video of the incredible Toro Rosso double suspension failure. The right side upright failed but the force was immediately transferred to the other side of the suspension, the stills are one frame apart so within 1/30th of a second and you can clearly see both sides have collapsed.

Not sure why this incredible transfer of energy would occur, that will be up to those more familiar with the specific suspension design. I would venture to say though is that a design which allows this to happen cannot be deemed safe.

Another thing you might notice is in the very last onboard replay. You can hear the car was scraping and skipping on the pavement well before the failure occurred, listen for the sound.

Again, the failure of the tethering is most troubling (remember what happened to Henry Surtees). In one of these replays you can clearly see the cameramen likely ducked for his life as the right side wheel slams into the camera position.



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  1. It did sound like the car was bottoming out prior. Its also possible that the front suspension was already sagging before the suspension collapsed. I don't understand why the left suspension was affected by right failing. I'm more surprised about the wheel tethers failing as well.

    I bet this has something to do with the alleged "active suspension" on the red bull. I know its toro roso and they're not allowed to share engineering with red bull but its the b-team so... But I'm speculating...

  2. basically both the suspension collapsed at the same time, with like 0,00001 seconds in between. it's clear if you look at the 4th photo.
    the breaking point it's very bumpy there, it looks like the tires "toed-in" too abruptly and made the suspensions collapse.

  3. I like the the instictive countersteering as the rear rotated to driver's right, even thougt there are no front wheels on the car! Very interesting failure, thankfully w/out injury.
    - Fukes

  4. The chassis scraping is not a big deal and did not cause the accident. I'd be willing to bet most if not all of the cars are scraping in the same way.

    The tethers failed because the upright failed. There is not much you can do about this. You cant attach tethers to a moving part (the wheel) so the upright is the most logical and best place.

  5. This is the most relevant thing we could think of to post over on /o/.

  6. The wheel toeing in was a result of the collapse, not the cause.

  7. If you look at the 1:02 mark where the circle shot focuses on the right front suspension. As you look at that, keep and eye on the left front cooling duct, it looks like they both explode at the exact same instant.

  8. I like how this has turned into a parody of how some people obsess over the Zapruder JFK assassination video.

  9. @AC:

    i guessed so, but technically under heavy breaking the front wheels should toe-out, not in.
    maybe they where testing a new device, just guessing tho ;)

  10. I think the brake ducts broke or just touched the ground and grabbed on the pavement, acted as levers to put load on the suspension in a way it was not designed to sustained and because it's carbon fiber (rather than metal that would have bent), kaboom the whole thing explodes.. Many remarked on the bumpiness of the track especially in heavy braking zones.


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