April 23, 2010

Ferrari sets a (qualified) Nürburgring Lap Record

Let the arguments begin... Brits are already getting (predictably) in a bundle.

I think more interesting will be the 599GTO's lap times. It's faster than the Enzo which lapped in 7:25 with a blown out shock. If it can lap just one second faster and beat the Maserati MC12, which it will, that will be truly impressive for a proper, comfortable, leather clad street car.


Record of the Ferrari 599XX at the Nürburgring announced in Beijing

Beijing, 23 April - The Ferrari 599XX is the first ever production-derived sports car to break the 7-minute barrier on the classic 20.832 km Nordschleife circuit, lapping in 6 min 58.16 sec.

The 599XX, which inspired the 599 GTO, is an extreme berlinetta designed for track but not official competition use, and is a veritable technological laboratory incorporating a number of innovative solutions. Some of these will remain the exclusive preserve of the 599XX while others have already filtered down to the 599 GTO, introduced today at the Beijing Motor Show. These include the wheel doughnuts of F1 derivation which serve two purposes - to reduce turbulence and thus drag, and improve brake cooling.

Powered by a development of the V12 engine used by the 599 GTB Fiorano, the 599XX features Ferrari's High-Performance Dynamic Concept, a novel integrated design and chassis set-up that uses sophisticated electronics to govern the mechanical limits of the handling for maximum performance.

On the aerodynamics front, the car sees the introduction for the first time of the Actiflow™ System that increases downforce and/or cuts drag depending on the car’s trim during cornering. This, together with other careful detailing, ensures that the 599XX boasts extraordinary levels of downforce - up to 630 kg at 300 km/h.

Fundamental to the performance of the car was the development of specific components undertaken together with our technical partners: Brembo for the carbon-ceramic brakes, Michelin for the tyres and Shell for the fuel and lubricants.
(Ferrari S.p.A.)



  1. Do you know who drove the car?
    Insane time! The 6.11.13 Bellof drove in his 956 is soon gone?

  2. Production derived my ass. In that case so is an RSR! Also a Caparo which was primarily designed to be a road car should also be a valid entry. Can't wait to here Ferrari explain why that isn't valid when it puts half a minute into the massively overpriced italian car with the engine in the wrong place.

  3. Isn't the 599XX not street legal or race legal either?

    Not exactly fair considering the Corvette and Nissan can be bought and driven right off the dealership lot.

  4. HAHAHAHAAHA... Yes the ZR1 comes right off the dealers lot with a full roll cage! And as far as the Nissan, the moment someone who does not work for nissan duplicates that time I'll believe it.

    As far as Caparo, they are perfectly entitled to go to the ring and claim whatever they want. And an RSR is "production derived" just as much as a FXX is... whatever that means. Maybe Ferrari should have claimed the record for "car with a roof"

  5. Hand on isn't it on slicks too ? When the Radical set THE record it was driven to the circuit from the UK on road legal tires.

    This is the most unimpressive PR guff I've seen in a long time. The headline should have been, "Million dollar hype(r) track car on slicks goes ten seconds slower than little car from England.

  6. Yes it nonsense for Ferrari to claim the "production based" record and ignore all the PCars racecars (with 200+ LESS HP) that circle the NRing every week, but Caparos, Radicals and Xbows claimming to be cars is just a big loophole (good however for us tracktards) in the EU street car registration rules. A race Ducati is more usable and reliable than a Radical...

  7. The 599XX is brilliant but i agree that the GTO time would be way more interesting.


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