April 12, 2010

BMW Z4 GT3, let's go for another lap.

This past week end saw the second VLN race at the Nürburgring and this Team Schnitzer car came in 6th overall.

The BMW cars are coming along but are still just a tad behing the Porsches in overall lap times. The M3, which had problems in this round and scored a 43rd place, had a best lap time of 8:22.7 against the winning Porsche GT3 R's best of 8:21.5. The Z4 GT3's best lap was 8:33.9.

You can see in the video that the Porsches are able to pull on the the Z4 on the straights but the BMW is more at ease in the turns. Watch for the nice pass after the Karussel.

Remarkable performance by the Porsche GT3 Hybrid coming in 3rd overall.

Results from the race are HERE
Some nice pictures (taken on his lunch break...hate him :)) are on Dale's site HERE

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