April 15, 2010

Best Homework Incentive Ever...

Are you still wondering why it is so many great race drivers come form Germany?

Meet ten year old Seppi and fourteen year old Schorschi W├Ârle. When not doing their homework, they dutifully help out with the family business. Ok, that business happens to be the Porsche Zentrum 5-Seen just outside on Munich but how many 10 year olds get to rip a GT3 RS? In the US the parents would probably be arrested immediately. Yah Mammi!




  1. Great video but Jesus Christ, German really is the ugliest language on earth.

    It sounds like the tortured utterances of a stutterer having a violent seizure.

  2. I'm guessing you really don't like the Dutch then...

  3. Keep in mind that they are talking in a bavarian dialect. High german is a little more pretty ;)

  4. Best. Childhood. Ever.

    My family had 911's when I was little - but not like this!

  5. AC said...

    I'm guessing you really don't like the Dutch then...

    couldn't have said it better myself...


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