April 20, 2010


A nice perk living in a forest in North West Germany is getting to see all the cool cars first.

It's testing season at the Nürburgring and Dale at BtG once again bagged a good one: the MkII Porsche GT2. More power, less weight and is that a bigger wing? Nothing wrong with that right? Unless it can't top the ZR1 and GT-R times on its home track that is.

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  1. hmmmm.... I was expecting a bigger change. Just looks pretty much the same as the 997 MkI GT2, except for the wider Cup/RS front track.
    Big question is what engine? 3.8 DFI (non GT1) from the new Turbo, or the old GT1 but with a 3.8 (non-DFI).

    and what happened to the speculated GT2 RS?

  2. is the wing bigger than on your car?

  3. question: is this your guys' favorite 911? for the money, i'm trying to figure out why anyone would choose this over a gt3rs.

  4. Well, I think the answer to that question would be 165 extra HP... But I would be perfectly happy with a gt3RS any day! :)

  5. The Wing is the same size.

    Agreed that is hard to justify 35% more cost (comparable GT3RS with same equipment would be at least $150K vs. $200K for GT2), but then the GT2 IS faster and a more thrilling/scarier ride.

    But then again, when is the decision to buy a GT3 RS value driven?, and same applies for buying the top of the range of any supercar (V10 R8 vs. V8, Murcielago LP640 vs, 670 SV, 430F1 vs Scuderia etc.). The difference between GT3 and GT2 is more meaningful than in all those others.

    It's about whether you want it or not or what else is available for that $ and if does serve the same purpose (performance and usability). At that level affordability / value is hardly a variable and why the market for $200K+ cars is 50X smaller than for $100K cars.


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