March 19, 2010

Your Questions for BMW, Answered From the Sebring Paddock!

Tough break for BMW at Sebring, Dirk Müller's car failed a post qualifying "stall test" after setting the fastest GT2 time. Flying Lizards Porsche inherits the pole spot.

Bad luck there but the Rahal-Latterman team did take some time out to answer a few of our reader questions. Let's start with Tommy Milner fielding one on that eternal Sebring dilemma, from out own Axis CG. More to come. You can still send us your questions and we'll forward them to Florida though we suspect they might get a little busy... Email the questions HERE


  1. How is a "Stall test" carried out?

  2. Well, I asked: they stuff racquetballs in the restrictors at idle. If the engine stalls, you pass.

  3. Would have to think, they are trying to figure out if a team, has any other air intake leaks which could bypass the restrictors. Which could lead to more power. I bet the racquetballs were faulty :)


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