March 11, 2010

Very Cool, Sauber!

Some excellent promo footage released by BMW Sauber (yes, that's the official name even though a Ferrari engine powers the car). There are a number of not seen before camera angles including the very cool, what can we call it...."Shark Fin Cam" and a great overhead shot at about 5:15 in the first clip. The use of super wide angle lenses in some of these shots makes the already long 2010 car look like an angry dachshund with wings (and shark fin...). Recent rumor has the Sauber as being the best new car on tire wear, a crucial factor this year. I guess we'll see this week end in Bahrain, if Kamui makes it past the first corner!

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  1. I thought I read somewhere that they had changed the name to Sauber Motorsports or something. I'll have to wait til noon when I can access YouTube at work to watch the vid... sucks!

    On a completely unrelated note. Does anyone have any information as to why other teams thought McLaren's wing was illegal? I haven't seen anything that describes/illustrates how the design would induce a stall at speed.

  2. Yes, the Mclaren vented wing was ruled legal today. For a good explanation of wing stalls I suggest you look here

    Note that this could be potentially a significant advantage on a track like Barhein which is a mix of slow corners and long straight with not much in between.

  3. Thanks AC. Somehow I lost this link along the way, totally forgot about this site. It is superb for tech analysis

  4. They seem to be the only ones who are proudly showing footage of their diffuser up close..while everyone else is trying to cover up :) they probably dont have much going on there i guess...


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