March 2, 2010

USF1: From Sad to Just Plain Comical.

Like you I opened up my computer to see a confirmation of what I already knew, that USF1 was now officially toast (inevitable pun intended).
None other than Autosport proclaimed it, yet just three hours later a new headline: Ken Anderson claiming USF1 was not dead and in fact still looking for a 2011 entry!

I decided to call USF1 headquarters in North Carolina myself...

So USF1 has no car, no drivers, no factory, no backers and no telephone, of course the FIA will give them a spot on the grid for 2011! That's the comical part. The sad part, if Autosport's first report is correct, is that Windsor and Anderson were not present when USF1 employees were told the operation was officially shut down, lame.



  1. I can only hope that Mr Windsor and Mr Anderson are banned for life all FIA events. Lie after lie after Lie! And many people's livelihoods at risk!

  2. If they banned everyone in F1 who told lie after lie...well, you know.

    I've begun to think of F1 as the sausage factory. The end product is tasty, but I no longer want to know how it's made.


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