March 9, 2010

The 'Ring, Another Way.

So by now you've done the touristen, or terroristen days, you cursed at fool who crashed on the straight closing the track for an hour or perhaps you came across "Crazy tongue man" (I think he's still looking for it somewhere after Hocheichen)

Maybe you've been stuck behind a biker, terrified to push him into a crash and frustrated when he slows you in the corners and blows you away in the straights....

Of course, you could do like the crazy Ring Mini dude and run the track backwards but that requires becoming real good friends and drinking buddies with the track marshals and who's got the liver for that...

There is another way, maybe the ultimate way to do it: the closed track day. Axis friend Darren Langeveld runs Destination Nürburgring and has a date coming up Monday April 19th. Having done 'Ring trips before, this is a pretty sweet deal: € 875 gets you two nights in a proper modern hotel on the GP track, breakfast and dinner plus unlimited track time from 8AM to 5 PM.... bring extra brake pads boys!. Add to that the VLN track configuration (GP track + Nordschleife) and no bikes. Perfect.

Short notice? Yes but, hop on a plane, rent a car from RSR Nürburg ( that a 997 GT3RS they now have available?) and have a hell of a day!


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