March 4, 2010

Light, Nimble & Fast

Badass FWD Group A rally cars from the late 90's

Citroen Xsara specs
Renault Megane Maxi specs
Peugeot 306 Maxi specs

Amjeyes, the author of this compilation writes:

"The rally cars that produced the most memorable sounds of the late 1990s were definitely the notorius little hornets called the kit cars. Fast, nimble and light - no wonder the WRC class took a beating when these FWD bad boys were hammered to the limit on dry tarmac with top asphalt aces behind the wheel. This compilation features the best bits of the 1999 French Rally Championship with Citroen Xsara, Peugeot 306 Maxi and Renault Megane - with pure engine sounds of course.

Notice that during the 1999 season the FWD Citroen Xsara also won twice in the WRC with Philippe Bugalski clinching the grand prize in Rallye Catalunya and Tour de Corse."

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