March 23, 2010

Jenson Button in a V8 Supercar

Grand Prix build up has started, this was just on Australian TV. Jenson Button and fellow Vodafone sponsored driver Jamie Whincup swapped cars. Unlike Juan Pablo Montoya, I can't see Button ending up on ovals...

Listening to his answers about who's the better driver, him or Hamilton, does Jenson have that killer instinct or is he the Hugh Grant of motorsport?

In Australia and want try a V8 Supercar? Check out the V8 SuperChallenge at Calder Park.



  1. Love the V8's.
    For me, this defines "touring car" racing. It's an inspiration and so on...

  2. Last weekend's Speed TV coverage of the Adelaide race was excellent. Enjoyed two hours of raucous V8s tearing up the streets with a myriad of variables shaking things up. 5x more fun than the Bahrain race the week prior.

  3. I feel a bit sorry for Button. It's obvious to anyone that he's not as quick as Hamilton, who is ? Well maybe Vettel or Kimi. His confidence must be wearing thin after being asked that question a millions times since signing for Mclaren.

    P.S. I'm not a Hamilton fan.

  4. I *am* a Hamilton fan - yet I think it's seriously unfair to say Button is slower after just one week. Nothing can be drawn from practice, and Bahrain was one week - one track. Along with the 'boring racing' I'm giving things 4 weeks before making a conclusion (we all thought Kimi was defacto faster than Massa - and, well - by the time of Felipe's injury last year it was not proving to be the case).urrent WDC.

    BTW...hard to mention fastest people in F1 without mentioning Alonso and Massa - of course Vettel is a given.

  5. "In Australia and want try a V8 Supercar? Check out the V8 SuperChallenge at Calder Park."

    Sorry mates, not real V8 Supercars.


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