March 6, 2010

François Delecour agrees with us...

... rallies should be run with 2 wheel drive cars!

A car review the way us tracktards like it. What's to add, everything is in these videos, a confirmation of Porsche's pitch that the GT3 RS is factory ready to go racing, either at the Nurburgring or on the Turini (once you change shocks, fix the shift linkage, add a full cage and unplug the ABS that is).

CG should probably not watch, might get inspired to finally lose his precariously held license!


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  1. the throttle response is spectacular! i love the on off throttle driving style to prevent understeer

  2. That has to be one of the finest road test videos ever!
    Now I'm all pumped up for the Robin Hood Rally and know which car to take...

  3. What's up with that anyway, did you have your screen test already?

  4. Yep, Im in. Its Road Rally superstage format. 6 runs per event/weekend.
    There's going to be a formula to equalize cars. Cayman racecar is the easy smart choice, but overpowered 911 feels like the right thing to do...


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