March 10, 2010

Continental Challenge, Homestead-Miami Highlights.

Continental Tire Challenge is what used to be called Koni Cup Challenge, the "entry level" Grand-Am series. Cars are reasonably "stock" and are divided into two classes: GS , Mustangs vs BMW M3 vs Porsche 997 and ST which is Mazda Mx5 vs Mini vs Honda Civics.

Here is a highlight reel from Grand Am. Bit sad American road racing barely gets covered live on tv these days (this race will air March 13 on SpeedTV). Check out what happened to the number 13 Bum Bum Racing BMW M3 (that's just all wrong isn't it?...13...bum rum bum whatever...I'd re-evaluate! Nice gold intake plenum though).
Results can be found HERE

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  1. It used to be called the Koni challenge not Koni cup and the M3 is Rum Bum not Bum Bum.

  2. LOL...OK.... that's why they should show it more on TV :)

  3. Ouch, that's a big hit. The Rum Bum car won the season opener at Daytona. Bacardi is one of the drivers (seriously).

    Why are the Stangs so succesful?
    Cheaper package so many more teams can afford to run them? or very favorable rules for that platform?
    I raced against one those at Road Atlanta (last year's GS Champ team) and they had plenty of power/weight....

  4. Yikes, id the Rum Bum team have a Toyota gas pedal in there? Crazy how the solid rear axle chassis (Mustang)can be made to handle so well. - Fukes


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