March 21, 2010

Ayrton Senna

Would have been fifty years old today. You'll read a lot of tributes but, if you have the time, take a look at this documentary again. There is little to add to it.
Happy Birthday Ayrton!


  1. This posted with subs anywhere?

    Can't understand half of it so far.

  2. Thank you. For reminding me. For the link.

    I was lucky. I saw him race FF and F3 as a kid and in F1 as well. It was in F3 that I became a real 'fan'.

    Nice to be reminded of how long I've had this passion this week.

    And this weekend I will be at Albert Park, Melbourne (pit wall helping a mate in GT Championship for the support races and pit roof having scammed a pass for the F1's).

    And the following weekend I'll be racing my own, slightly more modest, car at Bathurst.... a track I know Ayrton would have loved.

    Thanks again.

  3. I watched this video last time you posted it, but thoroughly enjoyed watching it for a second time. I don't know Portugeuse, but you almost know what they're saying. Very well done, lovely music as well.

  4. Brings some great and sad memories.
    I've never been such a big Fan or inspired by anyone in motorsports to the same level as Ayrton...
    A true hero and role model..

  5. Love your site guys... but to be fair there are a couple of things I would have added to this documentary:
    1) Subtitles for the large slabs or Portugeuse.
    2) The video of Senna's famous Donnington lap.
    3) Bikini shots of Adriane Galisteau...


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