March 17, 2010

12 Hour of Sebring Preview: Corvette vs Porsche

I admit, I put the two together mostly as a convenient excuse to post that last lap from Laguna Seca last season. Considering history, it's not unlikely we might see something similar at Sebring...again.

Corvettes will be driven by Magnussen-O'Connel-Garcia and Beretta- Gavin-Collard. The main Porsche team, Flying Lizards will be in the hands of Darren Law, Richard Leitz, Seth Neiman and Joerg Bergmeister, Patrick Long and Marc Lieb.

Don't forget to send us your questions for the BMW team!

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  1. What ended up happening after this? Did they ever rule the 911 as intentionally trying to wreck the Vette?

  2. I think it was ruled completely legal because there was so much bumping and the Vette completely screwed up the 911's exit speed out of the last corner.

    I will never get bored of watching that clip, I remember watching it live and was literally on the edge of my seat. Great racing.

  3. It's unfortunate from a sportsmanship standpoint (thrilling from a viewing standpoint!) to see a race end like that, but Magnussen had been, imho, too reckless throughout the last few laps, culminating with that last bump. He got called back for using the pit-out lane to pass, etc. Even though it was reckless, I can empathize with Burgmeister's frustration at the end.

  4. ALMS set the tone that led to this by doing nothing when Burgmeister was almost crashed (a couple times) then shoved out of the way at Sebring.

    Or maybe the last job of the responsible ALMS official was brit touring cars.



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