February 16, 2010

Wait, what?? USF1 and Campos to merge???

OK... I'm just going to sum up what was on Motorsport-Total site today, goes like this:

USF1 have not been able to build a car and US investors have decided not to drop any more money into that hole when it became clear they would not be able to make the first couple of races. Campos has a Dallara chassis contract but still can't pay the bill.
Solution, Hurley and US investors would buy Campos's chassis and somehow merge the two teams into one operation. All this instigated by Bernie Ecclestone naturally and leaving a free spot for StefanGP and their ex Toyota chassis...

When Motorsport.Total rang Dallara CEO Andrea Pontremoli for comment he claimed a delegation representing Chad Hurley and made up of ex Red Bull and Dallara engineer Gunther Steiner and Parris Mullins (Ferrari-Maserati Silicon Valley) was in his office at that very moment.
What do you think? There has been a lot of smoke around USF1 and Campos, do we have a fire?



  1. sighhhhhhh

    The entire USF1 program is a complete joke. I had such high hopes when Windsor made the initial announcement some months ago, but part of me knew that it was too good to be true.

  2. *grabs popcorn*

    (I'm just happy you've put the CTR2 back up :-D)

  3. Well it certainly sounds crazy enough to maybe be true.

  4. This fucking vertical "Tweets" bar gets in the way of the text and is annoying. Please get rid of it!

  5. That tweet thing can work as a message board and it should get out of the way if you just make your browser window a little wider (at least it does on all my browsers, if that's the case tell me what you are using, I'll check it out and if it's still an issue I'll take it out)

  6. Maybe if you move it to the top instead of on the side so it pops downward instead of sideways.

    I view the page with the browser in full screen, so I'm not sure what you mean by making it wider. I have my monitor at max resolution (1024x728). If I go to a higher resolution, it starts getting distorted (work computer). But then again, lots of people still use 1024x728.

  7. I see, the page is really designed for 1440 across so I can see the problem. Have you tried making the text smaller? So far Tweeterboard does not allow you to change the location but they probably will in the future. It's cool tool if people use it and Ideally I would like to make it so it displays a selected news feed I can edit for you guys to read. It's a new thing so I'll keep working on it... but if many hate it, i'll take it off.

  8. One more vote for moving the tweets bar. Hard to read around it.


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