February 25, 2010

USF1 Toasters: I'll take two please!

A win from Adam Cooper's blog:

"A source close to US F1 tells me that the factory staff in Charlotte are in the process of making the toaster immortalised by a series of satirical cartoons on YouTube in recent months. And yes, I am serious…

Short of anything else to do related to their F1 car some team members are said to be working on the composite moulds for the prototype toaster, which if true at least demonstrates that the guys on the shop floor have a sense of humour.

Incidentally Peter Windsor has not been seen at the US F1 factory for several days, and apparently was not present when the FIA’s Charlie Whiting paid a four hour visit yesterday.

Meanwhile there are suggestions that following Whiting’s visit the FIA could formally revoke the US F1 entry and re-open the entry bid process – and if that applies to this season rather than next, then of course Stefan GP is the only team in a position to present a 2010 car. It’s a possible scenario but I stress that it is just one of many that are being rumoured at the moment.

It’s also been suggested that negotiations between Chad Hurley’s representative Parris Mullins and the new Campos management have not led to a satisfactory resolution. When asked for a comment, Colin Kolles told this blog, ‘We’ll see…’

If Hurley has given up on Campos then a deal with Stefan – which could yet involve a merger with/takeover of the US F1 entry – could yet come to pass.

As previously reported, a deal between Campos and Indian GP2 graduate Karun Chandhok looks likely to be confirmed soon."

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  1. Good stuff, following the USF1 Saga has provided some additional offseason entertainment.

    FWIW, I'm in the same boat as you AC (from a bimmerforum post you made)....Windsor's crowing about how efficient USF1 was, basically mocking the Euro establishment, rubbed me the wrong way. His comments about Xmas break were priceless - odd that with the Euros all taking 2 weeks off, they have cars testing and the super efficient USF1 team who only took two days are making...toasters).


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