February 17, 2010

USF1, Argentina Called: they are sending killer gauchos...

...to get the money the Argentine Automobile Club claims it deposited into USF1's bank account now that Peter Windsor, with tears in his eyes, has supposedly told assembled employees in Charlotte, that USF1 is toast.

Peter Windsor, el director deportivo de la escudería, reunido en la sede de Charlotte con el empresario Felipe McGough y con José López (padre), admitió que no llegará a construir los autos del US F1 en los plazos convenidos y que, con lágrimas en los ojos, no sabe qué hará con su proyecto.

Linked below is the actual original article everyone is referring to. At the meeting, the article reports, were Windsor, JM Lopez's manager Felipe McGough and Lopez' father. A teaful Windsor admitted, the article states, that USF1 will not be able to build cars in Charlotte and has no idea what will become of the project. Money has been so tight at USF1 that the team had been working with a dummy engine as Cosworth never shipped real ones.

But Argentines are especially upset over all the fuss with Windsor getting his picture taken with the president of Argentina and hiring their F1 "hopeful" just on January 25th. Now questions will come up as to the $830K portion of the promised two million from Argentina that came with Lopez' contract.

The Original article from La Voz is HERE

In case you still have doubts , read Mac Morrison from Autoweek HERE

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  1. I cant comment...... im ...throwin up......

  2. Autoweek wrote essentially the same article I wrote, a couple of hours later..

    But that's nothing compared to this other article, by Mac Morrison which confirms everything.

  3. It's done, just needs the official announcement

  4. I'm truly an outsider to the inner workings of this sport as a logistical undertaking, but from my humble perspective I was amazed well before the conclusion of last year's championship that USF1 looked to be nothing more than a "virtual" idea.

    Windsor is hardly an outsider, and it is mind boggling that someone with his perspective after years of intimacy to those inner workings could possibly believe in such a vacuum.

    There had to be . . . simply had to be . . . signs as far back as mid season that the effort was in trouble.

  5. I wanna see some spilled guts on this one. At least for all the collective time wasting that went on due to the media circus of USF1.

    Is there going to be a garage sale of all the cool componenets that may or may not have been built? I could sure use some cheap carbon fiber...

  6. I would love to snag one of those sweet robotic CNC milling machines.

    Imagine the toasters those babies can crank out...

  7. Does anybody remember the "USF1 Launch” on NASCAR Network… They asked them all about how they are going to fund a F1 team in the middle of a recession? And not have a permanent base in Europe? And, the tight scheduling, and... But those guys sat there so arrogantly and brushed aside all those concerns... Look at them now!... Sorry, but I can't find sympathy...


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