February 8, 2010

Track Tool

Couple of reasons for you to spend the next ten minutes or so with this video despite the awful racket from something shaking on the camera and the plentiful yet barely comprehensible commentary from our (newly married btw) friend Dale:

First: we've waxed poetic about the Renault R26 R before. It's a mad car and all props to La Regie for having the balls to build it. A concept after our own heart . Magnifique!

Second: just look at it go... The thing RIPS! Consider this is a street legal car as delivered from the factory, stock tires, stock brakes and the others are race cars. This Megane is nuts for what it is and Dale is as usual trying to get his passenger to yell for mercy. Actually comes pretty close to losing the car in a couple of turns but hey, that's the Dale way (right CG?).

Third you get to see a couple of very cool cars wiz by, and you get to dream about being there....

I think you'll like it...(oh and you can rent this car from RSR Nürburg...just tell them Axis sent you !)



  1. Hey axis, having your entire blog set to "align left" and then having an annoying goddamned twitter thing hover IN THE MIDDLE OF WHERE YOU'RE TRYING TO READ AT ALL TIMES is stupid. Fix it ASAP.

  2. wait...what happens when you make your window a little wider?

  3. make my window wider? .....what does that even mean?
    Just fix the stupid widget please, kthx.

  4. you know you can click on the tab and close it, right?

  5. Bit of a sketchy pass exiting Adenau Foerst, but also good accident avoidance just entering it.

  6. Taking nothing away from Mr Driver but that car looks insanely controllable.

  7. Wow that car looks like fun to drive!

    Anyone else get shivers down their spine with the Gallardo & Vette GT3 cars?

  8. you mean at the end? I would have gone with LF-A and R8...

  9. Not only do they have that car, but they have the new Clio as well... too much want for Renaults right now

  10. Losing it? Pah! Oh, ye of little faith!

    The new Clio 200s are loads of fun too, but the R26R is a race car on road tyres... more passenger laps in 'street legal' cars coming soon.

    We have a 2-Eleven and an Exige Cup 260 leaving the Lotus factory in the next week or two... ;)


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