February 15, 2010

Song of the Silver Arrows: a Crime Against Humanity

Germans have been guilty of a number of musical crimes over the years but I think this will take longer to live down than David Hasselfhoff.

As Schumacher would say, "to be honest" there is a British and American collaboration angle at play here. The main perpetrator is the half British son of Deep Purple's Richie Blackmore, He's the guy who looks like Maradona in the picture below, J├╝rgen Blackmore. The other guy is American keyboardist Tony Carey, a one hit wonder over here who has achieved somewhat of a cult status in the land of the Silver Arrows. The two formed EBC Racing-Team and obviously talked their favorite stripper into being lead singer for this "anthem" to the return of Michael Schumacher and Mercedes. Don't laugh, this atrocity could go number 1 in Germany...for real.

The song will be unleashed on an unsuspecting world on March 5th via iTunes!

(Does that really say "England's black pearl was the new Silver king, from Montecarlo to the green green hell, now big big Michael's got us under his spell"?)

(Motorsport Aktuell)


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