February 4, 2010

Recalls are for wusses, this is how a tracktard deals with a stuck throttle

First off, a real Tracktard will turn a stuck throttle into an opportunity. Sure Spec e30 racer Steve DeVinney had to "recall" the pedal off the floor with his toe but on the plus side, he learned he really could take turns 1 through 4 flat! Win!

(Thanks TallBaby for the vid)

Steve writes:

"This video picks up halfway through the first lap of Friday's qualifying race at the NASA Championships at Miller Motorsports Park. In Turn 1 of Lap 2 my throttle cable/pedal assembly sticks wide open. It took me a couple turns to figure out why the car wasn't slowing down. Good news is I figured out how to go "flat" through Turns 1-4.

I had to use my left big toe to unstick the throttle in each braking zone. I set a new high heart rate record in the process..."

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  1. So glad my car still has a mechanical throttle.

  2. heaven, you think mechanical throttles never stick open?



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