February 25, 2010

Planet Traqmate Wants Your Data!


Traqmate added a useful service on their web site: their global database of tracks, powered by Google Earth, will allow you to not only research and get directions but also download available data files (or add yours for the world to see) and videos.

This would have come in very handy for our CG who recently was desperately looking for Sebring data and videos in advance of his first race there.

Check it out at Traqmate Share and Compare and Planet Traqmate.
Hey, THIS looks familiar!

So here is your chance to contribute to the global tracktard cause...Traqmate wants your data!



Traqmate is pleased to announce two extremely powerful new ways to share your data and video, research and explore tracks around the world, and Replay Your Day. Using the power of Google Maps and YouTube, Traqmate Share and Compare allows you to upload and download data, play videos created with TraqStudio, and view a track or driving route on a real satellite image! Traq Search makes it easy to find what you're looking for and once you're there you can read about the track, check it out on the map, download data files and watch videos all in one place!

But wait there's more!

Planet Traqmate is a Google Earth database of tracks worldwide, including professional and amateur tracks and even factory test tracks. Fly over the 3D world and find new tracks, click on them to get their location, zoom in to see the layout and facilities, create directions to the track, and learn some history.

Join us online at traqmate.com where you will find not only Share and Compare and Planet Traqmate but these other valuable resources:
Traqmate Forum connect with thousands of Traqmate users and employees around the world.
Learn to Go Faster is an online training tool for exploring the features in Traqview and TraqStudio.
Dealer Finder where you can connect to local resources to help you install or use your Traqmate.
Free Software and Firmware updates for more features.
Traqmate Event Calendar to see events that Traqmate will be attending or supporting.
Traqmate Online Store where you can purchase the latest Traqmate products and accessories.

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