February 8, 2010

Piquet : "F1 is a mess and Danica was not my fault"

Of course it was not his fault, Piquet only crashes on purpose!

"What could I do? I was pushed down. She wanted to go through underneath but there was a turn"
(Motor Sport Aktuell)
You can't fault Piquet for saying Formula 1 is in a big mess with the new teams. This surprise fine print in the new Concorde Agreement allowing teams to skip up to three races is a bit pathetic. Who chose some of these new teams and what exactly was the criteria? No wonder Ferrari wanted to run three cars.

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  1. Where was Nelsinho's ace spotter (Mike Calinoff) in all of the fracas? I'd love to have heard the radio chatter between the two of them then...

  2. How is it pathetic that F1 is giving new teams a step-up? Would you rather we have a grid of 18 cars as opposed to a grid of 26? I think it's actually quite reasonable. Without a manufacturer or corporate megapower behind a new team they are always going to be quite fragile in the harsh world of Formula 1. Back in the early days of F1 you didn't need to show up at every race. It's only in Bernie Ecclestone's FOM days that we now have mandatory appearance at every race.

    I think its time we give the new teams a break. McLaren, Williams, Ferrari, Lotus, Jordan, Sauber, Brabham... they would have all had tough times when they were starting. These new teams are going through the same. They are having a hard enough time as it is.


  3. @Dylan, Yeah, I don't think you can compare today's "new" teams to the Lotus' and the Williams...much less Ferrari. of the good old days. It's not at all about the will to race, it's about trying to make money for some of these guys and much has a sleazy aroma to it. Independent teams with questionable resources will just be moving chicanes, it will be pathetic, like in the days of the Fondmetals and the Andreamoda teams


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