February 6, 2010

Nelsiño Piquet Shakes and Bakes Danica Patrick.

Outtakes from "Talladega Nights 2, I gotz fenderz now?"

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  1. Haha, that's great! Looks like Piquet is terrible in Nascar too!

  2. I'm sure Danica kicked his ass afterwards... :)

  3. Man they shd take his license, what a ***. Great drive by Danica to keep it in 1 piece & finish well after this.

  4. Got to give the girl her due - she stopped herself having a big accident.

    Piquet - well, if anyone ever had prior it was that man.

  5. He's not the best at making friends is he

  6. Check out her onboard. She actually just let go of the steering wheel Probably cause she was convinced that she was going to hit the wall. Not knocking her, just making a point. She is doing well so far in ARCA.

    As for Nelson...I don't like the guy at all. Other then this awful move though he did rather well.

  7. yeah, su much for the "expert" commentary about her skills in catching that... funny save by the commentator though check it out at about 4:50 on this video

  8. RE: letting go of the steering wheel. That is a common drift technique - let the wheel quickly auto center as it will do it faster than you can ever shuffle or react with your hand on the wheel.

    If she hadn't let go the tires would still have been counter steered to the passenger side which would have whipped the front around and sent her straight backwards into the wall.

    By letting go and staying on the gas the tires centered out in time allowing her to 4 wheel drift to the point she could counter steer out of it and save without a crash.

    Obviously it was a instinctive reaction but her instincts saved her ass and it was a lot better than what most classically trained road racers would have done.

    I've said all along that drifting offers great cross training to build programming on how to spin and drive backwards at speed. ;)


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